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Saturday, February 19

And More Of The Same

This Wednesday is a big day for DVD releases.
Angel season 5 is going to be realeased. Herc writes about how much he loved the season and the new official DVD site is quite shiny, and features some new wallpapers.

Also out Wednesday:
The Dark Crystal – Collector’s Edition
Labyrinth - Collector's Edition
Cirque Du Soleil’s Alegria
Cirque Du Soleil’s Fire Within

On March 16 Hero and Pieces of April are to be released on DVD.

I wasn’t going to post anything this far into the future, but it’s worth getting excited over now. Cirque Du Soleil’s La Nouba is the best of any cirque show that I’ve not seen live, and would be the best if I ever get the chance to see it live. It is an amazing production in a massive theatre that dazzles and amazes. I’ve never been that speechless for that long.

In Firefly news...
Keep your eye out for Finding Serenity, a collection of essays about Joss’ short-lived Firefly.

There is also a book simply titled Serenity, which is due for release the same day the film has it’s US release.

Joss is slated to release a comic prequel to Serenity. Which has had it’s release date bumped back to September, and not confirmed here in Oz.

Seventh Heaven is the reason why we only have half of the first season of Buffy. Now it’s copying Buffy too. A Seventh Heaven musical episode? What on earth were they thinking!

The next Artemis Fowl is out on May 3 on Amazon. Called The Opal Deception, Artemis is still without memory of the Fairy Kingdom and when an old enemy escapes from prison, Holly Short has to try and save Artemis.

2 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Violet said...

I am so enjoying Firefly!

23/2/05 5:00 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

It is fantastic. I've not watched the DVDs for a while. Maybe I can sneak an episode in in the next week.

Glad you're now able to enjoy. :-)

23/2/05 11:54 pm


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