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Friday, February 18

A Titleless Post

The film rights to the Terry Brooks series, Magic Kingdom For Sale, has been snapped up by Universal Pictures. This is the first Brooks series, that I know of, to be slated for adaptation. Stephen Sommers is set to direct the first book. Lets hope he manages not to avoid the disdain Van Helsing garnered.

I think it’s time. Time for Terminator to hang up his biceps. Nick Stahl and Clare Danes will not feature in T4. Nor will Arnie. It’s going to be set in the Future, with an older John Connor.

Ray Harryhausen’s: The Early Years Collection would be fantastic viewing. I hope it gets a release here soon.

I couldn’t believe that The Greatest American Hero was not just some childhood bad dream! The scariest part is that the theme song came screaming back into my head like an out of control freight train. Believe it or not, I’m walkin’ on air!

Enterprise flys no more. After never really hitting the mark, the prequel series is no-more. Nor will it be shopped out to other networks in hope of reviving it.

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