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Tuesday, February 22

Headworm Epidemic

One of the down sides of working in the theatre is total immersion and repetition. We get to know a show so well that the tunes are constantly circling in the back of our heads.

When setting the movements for a song, you can go over the same phrase up to 10 times. By the end of a three hour rehearsal it's possible to have heard the song 40 times.

No wonder we're all insane.

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Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Sympathies for your constant sense of deja vu with the songs. If it's any consolation, I'm stuck with singing tracks from Oliver at the moment, and the only hope I can draw from that ongoing experience is that at last I can close my eyes and re-visualise a certain someone singing them!

23/2/05 8:51 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

I was part of a production of Oliver last year. I think Oliver and Annie are the two worst shows for headworms. If you get 'It's a hard knock life' in your head, the next step is usually suicide.

Am glad you had a 'pleasant' experience at the theatre. ;-)

23/2/05 11:52 pm

Anonymous said...

i will agree 'oliver' and 'annie' are two of the worst shows for headworms. what makes it worse is i have a every growing music collection on my computer.. and included in this is all the shows i have done. and both oliver and annie reside there. so at times i get a wonderful reminder of the shows..

24/2/05 11:11 am


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