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Tuesday, March 8

Blink And You'll Miss It

Please accept my apology for the lake of posts lately. I'm deep in the middle of this show and find I have littel time to think of anything else. Thankfully, I do force myself to think of other fun things.

Did anyone notice that Aussie Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has vanished? No? Well that's not surprising. It did terribly in ratings and in production. I read an article that called it a train-wreak and I totally agree. I think the producers went about it totally the wrong way.

For starters the casting was all wrong. They went for a diverse range of guys, which is great, but they were all varying degrees of Carson. The thing that's great about the US original is the fact that not only are the guys unique individuals, they are also individual in their presentation of their sexuality. The Aussie guys were all very (and I feel bad writing this) queeny.

I also think a serious flaw was the apparent lack of budget. Everything on the US show has flare and pizzazz, but this copy was bare-bones.

The best way to compare them would be to say that the original is Oprah, the copy is Kerry-Anne.

I'm sad that Ten didn't have the balls to do something unique with this carbon-copy, and not terribly surprised that it's gone. Another sad statistic for our networks.

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