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Sunday, January 30

Some Find

I love stumbling across sites that supply a good dose of info, perspective and wit. These are a couple of gems I found at The Movie Reporter:

Fellowship! The Musical. Oh dear. Ohh dear.

An interesting look at The Matrix Reloaded includes an excellent rewrite that could have saved the film.

And some more Charlie and the Chocolate Factory pics.


Chocolate rivers actually smell really bad.

4 viewers interjected with:

Blogger verbs said...

9.50pm?? 9.50pm??? What on earth are you doing posting at such a god-awful hour? ;-)

I read some months back about a full 35mm camera set-up falling right into the middle of a chocolate river on set one day...a camera assistant would've had some explaining to do no doubt.

31/1/05 10:26 am

Blogger Casyn said...

I know! It's shocking really. I was online on a family comp that was networked to the net. Nothing good on the tube, so I blogged.

Chocolate coated camera. Not so good for the film stock really. I wonder if the assistant asked if he could lick the reel?

31/1/05 11:44 pm

Blogger verbs said...

That would've been the last thing they would've asked I reckon.

1/2/05 8:31 am

Blogger Casyn said...

True. Perhaps the question would be about continued employment.

2/2/05 2:40 am


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