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Thursday, January 27

Summer Shows

Every Summer, when the ratings season ends, all of the regular news, "current affairs", and presenter driven shows either have a break for 8 weeks or replace the presenters with stand-ins. For some shows this cast swap is actually a good thing.

SBS's The Movie Show had a revamp last year when David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz defected to ABC's At The Movies. They were replaced by a 'hipper', younger panel of reviewers. I watched a couple of episodes and found the tone of the show rather off-putting. I wasn't clicking with any of the hosts. So I only tuned in if there was a new film I wanted to know more about.

With the onset of Summer, The Movie Show bumped it's 'whacky info' guy, Marc Fennell, up to host and devoted the show to DVDs. Each week sees only one of the regular hosts join Mark and they review new release DVDs and their extra content.

I've caught the last 4 Sunday night repeats and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. So, my hope is that The Movie Show [DVD Edition] gets picked up as a regular show.

Now I have even more DVDs I want to own.

Vote in the At The Movies Viewers' Poll for your favourite film of 2004. It's not that easy picking the top 3.

Browsing that list made me realise how many films I didn't see last year. I will have to try harder.

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