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Friday, January 21

From The Ashes

Jake 2.0 didn't last very long on Ten on Friday night at 7:30 in the middle of last year. They aired about 6 episodes then it vanished.

It returns this Saturday night at the late time of 12:25am (Ok, actually Sunday morning).

They are re-airing the pilot. I can only assume that it has been so long that we need to see it again. I am hopeful that this time sticks and we actually get all 14 eps of this show. It's not fantastic, but it's goofy fun.

2 viewers interjected with:

Blogger verbs said...

Like you I whilst not great, Jake 2.0 is better than a heap of crap shows to have graced our TV screens. Not overly original but as you say, good fun.

21/1/05 7:38 am

Blogger Casyn said...

I'll always give a show that tries something different a go. I find some real gems that way. It also leads to frequent disappointment as well when they get cancelled.

25/1/05 1:07 am


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