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Saturday, January 8

Fowl Facts

Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl books are one of my favourite children's series. They are colourful, imaginative, witty and way too much fun for their own good. The concept is that the fairy world does exist, but from the rise of humanity they've been forced deep under ground where they live in absolute secrecy. The fairy technology is amazing and when the criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl traps a Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance (LEPRecon) officer the first book gets underway. Did I mention that Artemis is only 11?

I received The Artemis Fowl Files for Christmas. I was excited. I love companion books. I have a few already about certain TV shows, films and books. This book contains two excellent short stories (no pun intended) about the initiation of Holly Short and the time just after the first novel. In between these stories are pages of facts about fairy species, interviews with characters and the author, diagrams, maps and a key for the translation of the fairy code.

Not very lengthy, but enough to bide the time until the next novel is released.

Under advisement from the back of this book, I should have posted this warning when I added a link to the Artemis Fowl site:

Please continue with care. The contents are highly confidential
and the existence of the entire Lower Elements Police may be in your hands.
To delete all fairy-related files, readers may experience a fine-tune
mind-wipe on exiting this site. Do not be alarmed.
This will in no way facilitate a drop in IQ.

Pretty much the same deal for when you leave this blog, but I don't guarantee that you're IQ hasn't dropped...

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Blogger Violet said...

I had a go at the first Artemis Fowl book on tape. I think the reason I couldn't really get into it was because I found the boy-hero annoying - he was such a know-it-all, and even though he did have a vulnerability in the form of his mum, I didn't catch much of it in his personality.

I stopped less than half way through the tape; perhaps it gets better?

8/1/05 7:06 am

Blogger Casyn said...

I can see how you found him irritating. He certainly is a pompous little tyke. I think I like them because of the twist that the title character is in fact the villain, so I'm allowed to not like him.

I've never tried a book on tape before. I think I'm concerned about the voice of the book not being mine. Not that I read aloud, I mean the voice in my head when I read. Not that I normally have voices in my head...

8/1/05 11:56 pm

Blogger Violet said...

Yes, Casyn, you were wise to stop before blurting out the details for all your mental peculiarities... :-)

Talking Books are great if you're on a long drive, although in my case it's ruined in hot weather because I have to keep my window open, which means too much wind-noise to hear the tape. Usually they pick experienced actors to do the reading, so even if no-one in the book sounds like the voices in your head, at least they don't sound like crap.

9/1/05 8:32 am


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