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Friday, January 14

Knocked Me Off

I had to double check that I hadn't misread it. Then stared at it for a while then, once the shock past the excitment set in.

Buffy is back on TV.

Ok, so it's only a repeat. I have the episode on DVD and the episode itself isn't a high point, but my show is back on TV!

Sunday, 10:40pm on Seven - I Robot, You Jane.

Followed by the X-Files - Fire.

3 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Violet said...

It's kinda late, but what a great double feature!

14/1/05 5:55 pm

Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Nice to see you aren't entirely deprived of Buffy on the television (and good to see a reappearance of the X-files too!) Over in the UK the only place you can get to see any of the old stuff is on cable/digital and as someone I know once called it "we only have poor-persons television".
Like you I have the DVDs, but somehow there is a thrill in seeing on the schedules!

14/1/05 10:25 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

It is kinda late, but that's when most of the good TV is on here.

I would love to have pay-TV, but I am also condemned to 'poor person's TV'. I'd probably never leave the house if I had that much TV to watch.

The bugger is I totally forgot to watch either of them! Crap.

17/1/05 12:40 am


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