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Wednesday, January 19

Lacked Spark

I’ll start off buy saying that I didn’t like Daredevil. It just didn’t work for me, and I’ve not watched it again to work out why. When I heard about Elektra, I wasn’t really that interested but I gave in to the hype and went along with an open mind accepting that I may enjoy it. How horribly wrong I was.

I promised myself I wouldn’t rant. It wasn’t bad enough to rant about; it just wasn’t good.

Basically it was all rather dull. Action sequences made little sense and had no intensity at all. The ninja guy with the semi-auto-Van Helsing-inspired-crossbow bolt-gun could have been an intense fight. Instead, there was a brief flurry of fire and that was it.

Jennifer Garner frowned her way through this role. I don’t really understand her Golden Globe nomination having seen the film.

Everything felt very ordinary for a story and characters that are far from it. I was constantly annoyed by boring choices of shots. The whole movie lacked direction.

The screenplay didn’t help either. The back-story that was given was vague and gave little explanation for Elektra’s motives. The villains hardly got any screen time, so I have no idea why they were the ‘bad guys’. Elektra’s targets are a father and daughter and she decides not to kill them, but protect them. If you can’t see how the film unfolds within the first half hour, you need to watch more average films.

I wish I had gone and seen Finding Neverland again.

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