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Thursday, January 27

Back At It

Ratings are back next week, and it looks like I've got a busy night on Tuesday.

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Tuesday 9:20pm, ABC
I was surprised to see this documentary on TV so soon, but it was happy surprised. I saw a review of this last year and it certainly opened my eyes to some scary facts. As a country who has a number of media outlets controlled by Murdoch I think everyone should watch this doco, even if some of it isn't locally relevant it will still leave you shocked.

The Amazing Race
Tuesday 7:30pm & Thursday 9:30pm, Seven
It's back and the race is on. Twelve new couples to laugh at and hate. Yay!

The O.C.
Tuesday 8:30pm, Ten
Total guilty pleasure viewing. Can't get enough of it!

The West Wing
Tuesday 10:30pm, Nine
I spent the Summer watching my season 1 DVDs. It has changed this year now that creator Aaron Sorkin has left, but it still beats the pants of most TV.

Thursday 8:30pm, Seven
If you've seen anything on Seven in the last couple of months, chances are you'll have seen an ad for Lost. A plane leaves Sydney and crashes over an island. 48 survivors and a scary island. Fun! Stars three Australians; always a plus.

Medical Investigation
Thursday 9:30pm, Ten
I'm not one for medical shows. I usually find them really irritating. I saw a trailer for MI yesterday and it caught my attention. I'll give it a try. It stars Jake 2.0's Christopher Gorham.

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