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Monday, January 31

Don't Cut The Muffin

I have always found more mirth in English comedies than in most bland formulaic American shows. Recent mirth makers have been My Family, My Hero, Dead Ringers, Smack the Pony, and Black Books. I'm not passionate about them, mind, but I laugh and have an enjoyable viewing experience.

I have seen Coupling a few times in the past, but it has never grabbed me. It may have been time slot or my disinterest; I'll never know. The past couple of Monday nights have been rather thin on watchable TV. I'm actually watching parts of The Biggest Loser, which is just scary.

Last week's Coupling was about how one of the guys can tell his new partner that he wants to sleep at home for one night. It was interspersed with fantasy scenes from what looks to be a bad Shakespearean play, that results in the lovers playing chess. The cutting between the real and fantasy world worked brilliantly, and I stuck with it. I was back again this week.

It is a pleasing experience to find a new comedy that doesn't play out like every other comedy. It is no wonder that the U.S. version of this failed miserably.

I also sat through the pilot of Desperate Housewives. Seven, as usual, really misrepresented this show in it's promotion. I thought it was going to be a new Melrose Place crossed with murder scandal-of-the-week. Instead it actually has characters with some established depth, totally dysfunctional families and a mystery to top things off. I don't think I'm likely to be a devoted viewer yet, but I think it's worth coming back to.

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Blogger verbs said...

Coupling is great...and would you believe it was once even better? When the actor playing Geoff left, it lost one of the funniest characters I ever seen. They seem to have increased their scope of production though, which is interesting.

The writing is exceptional compared to bland formulaic American sitcoms.

Black Books is an acquired taste, darkly funny.

1/2/05 8:35 am

Blogger Casyn said...

So the cast change brought on other changes? Glad it decided not to dwell on the loss and moved on to bigger and better things. Shame I didn't get to see that guy though.

I like Black Books, but I can't watch it too often. It is best watched in small doses. Enjoyable, but yes, very dark.

2/2/05 2:27 am

Blogger verbs said...

Coupling was very similar visually before, but almost every episode had a unique spin on how the narrative would unfold.

In the new series they have decided to bring in new locations to tel the story...which gives the show a whole new dynamic and feel. I don't mind it...but definitely preferred the older versions...but that's just me.

Black Books is not something I'd recommend to just anyone.

I'd be interested to hear your first up impressions on "Lost".

3/2/05 9:14 pm

Blogger onanymous said...

Did Lost just start there too?
I'm going to see the first ep tomorrow night.
Can't wait.

4/2/05 9:59 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Black Books is an aquired taste. And best not over indulged in either.

You can read my first impressions of lost and more in my latest post! :-)

Not terribly subtle.

I hope you enjoy Lost Onanymous. And am glad that you are getting it at the same time as here. Someone else to discuss it with.

6/2/05 12:44 am


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