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Saturday, June 4

Never Pass A Bargain

Whilst browsing the soundtracks section of Sanity today I came across the cast recording of Mel Brooks' The Producers. Surprised was I to turn it over and find that it had been marked as $4.99! There is a difference between impulse purchases and seizing the moment. I've heard the main tunes before and knew it sounds like a whole heap of fun. The whole CD is pure Brooks; the rhythm of the lyrics and the dialect are unique to his comedy and writing.

Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane have such distinct voices that I'd be interested to hear how other performers bring life to the roles.

I haven't seen the show yet. I hope to make it to Sydney in August to see Sydney Theatre Company's revival of the Australian musical Summer Rain, which a friend of mine is working on, and would love to make a weekend of it and see The Producers as well. With Reg Livermore, Tom Burlinson and good ol' Burt Newton it'd be a blast.

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