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Wednesday, May 18

What'd I Miss?

I've read a few meme posts, and I find them a little too self indulgent. Most of them are questions I don't really want answered about the bloggers I read. I was challenged to respond to this question by Lisa, and it actually got me thinking. I can list the things I've done quite easily. Looking at her list I ticked off in my head all the things that I'd done and she hadn't: Camping, driving, cycling, horse-riding, rollercoasting, and hospitalisation. Yet, trying to think of things I'd not experienced was a conundrum. So after some contemplation I came up with a list of 10 things I've not done.

  • Have never died
  • Never been out of Australia.
  • Never seen any film featuring Orson Welles.
  • Never eaten crocodile or kangaroo (nor do I own them as pets...)
  • Have never experienced real snow.
  • Never been nervous meeting famous people.
  • Never worked in fast food or retail.
  • Never had a $300 mobile bill.
  • Never had to fire anyone.
  • Thankfully, I've never been arrested.
Once I got started the things I haven't done just started pouring out. I need to get out and do more. I think I'll start delivering pizza.

In the spirit of chain-mail guilt perhaps Draic, Muzekez or Onanymous would like to share?

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Blogger onanymous said...

Crocodile is quite tasty actually - I know this is cliché territory, but it really does taste a lot like chicken, probably because it's a white meat. Wouldn't know about kangaroo though...

Sadly, I've never seen real snow either.

19/5/05 12:10 am

Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Nice list Casyn! Though I really would recommend some Orson Welles works - Citizen Kane isn't everyone's cup of tea, but The Third Man is a good thriller, witty, political, and a good romance. It has comments on low/high culture, history and power, and the best performance by a cat in cinema. I'd also recommend The Lady From Shanghai (Rita Hayworth!) and Touch of Evil.

I envy your lack of nervousness meeting famous people - I still get a slight shiver - but that's probably because I am naturally nervous around meeting new people on lots of occasions.

Glad it got you thinking anyway, and hope you didn't mind too much my sending it on!

19/5/05 6:30 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

I can't believe I spelt Welles wrong. That's why I don't post during the day.

I've not real interst in eating either animal. I eat little enough meat without getting all delicate. :-)

The closest to real snow is when I clean out the freezer. Only temporary fun.

I do want to see Kane. I've eyed the DVD off a number of times. I'm just afraid I wouldn't like it.

If I lived somewhere else, I'm sure there would be a video store that stocked those films. Sadly, not here.

I have had to work with famous people of varying degrees. They are all people and you quickly realise that when standing face to face. Geoffrey Rush has a very large nose.

19/5/05 11:31 pm


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