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Thursday, July 21


You can call me an ink-stained book-lover all you want, but I think tonight's airing of Harry Potter Magic At Midnight was rather good.

Movies have huge premiere events around the world, and no one bats an eyelid. Have an internationally broadcast event for the launch of a children's book and people look at you like you have some sort of ailment.

Sure the host was a knob, and spent too much time rambling about nothing in particular, but the real reason to watch was to see what the Adelaide girl who one the big competition got to do.

She got to interview J.K. Rowling, in what is possibly the most relaxed and open interview I've seen her do (Rowling, not the girl...). It may simply be the fact that she was more comfortable speaking with a 10 year old, than with the reporters she would normally face. I've said before that her interviews on the Harry Potter DVDs are a total waste of time and effort. She seems so uncomfortable with it all and doesn't really explain anything. I'm not looking for spoilers, just some deeper explanations and thoughts into the building of such an epic story.

It's disappointing that Ten didn't air this sooner. I'm sure the ratings would have been more impressive and perhaps relevant within 48 hours of the book's release than 5 days later.

The highlight for me was Rowling reading an excerpt from chapter 6 of Half-Blood Prince. I wasn't excited about the fact that it was her reading the passage, but simply because in prime-time on a Thursday night Australia was watching a woman sitting in a chair reading aloud from a book.

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