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Wednesday, July 20

Facts & Figures

Wonka is rolling in golden tickets. $55mil of them in fact.

Pirates of the Caribbean sequel has a name. Not the first sequel, we already know that it’s called ‘Dead Man’s Chest’. I’m talking about the second sequel! World’s End.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was tested in Chicago and some peeps wrote their thoughts. Mostly positive, but it sounds like Steven Kloves has used his Hulk hands to type with and managed to botch the plot again.

Add another 2.7 million extra copies of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince to your shopping list. Some book 6 sales facts.

It's a book that made more in it’s first weekend than the combined total of the two top grossing films released the same weekend. Woohoo for books!

I still haven’t started it and will do my best not to read any spoilers!

Critics response to the new book: “Many found it Rowling's deepest, most accomplished work, with a tragic conclusion that left even reviewers in tears.”

But I’ll be betting that the Pope wasn’t one of the millions who pre-ordered a copy.

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