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Thursday, June 23

Perhaps Too 'Un' And Not Enough 'Cut'

Big Brother. Everyone either loves it or loathes it. I felt during last year that it was starting to show signs of grasping at straws. The house mates were argumentative and some were downright rude, but most still had opinions and views and were actually able to form an argument. This year I was barely able to get through the second week before each and every one of them was irritating me enough to change the channel.

To quote Corinne Grant from last night's The Glass House, if I wanted to see bogans like that I'd go to a nightclub. That is exactly why the ratings are the worst they've been for the past five years. Having all singles in the house was an obvious ploy that was doomed to backfire really. By having people in the house who are in relationships, there's a conflict about them being faithful and also surviving the time away from the loved ones. There is more to gain from having people in relationships, than a bunch of horny singles.

Uncut this year has really pushed the limits of what's acceptable on TV. I've not been able to watch an entire episode, purely by choice. It has always been risqué, but mostly harmless. This year some of what I have seen has verged upon TV porn. I flicked past the end of one recent ep to have this blonde girl in a bath basically doing everything she could with her breasts to get a guys attention (who was doing his best to ignore her). I'm not going to go into the other 'controversial' incidents that have occurred. You can read this Daily Telegraph article about it, and why Big Brother Uncut has been pulled from air.

The other ludicrous thing about Uncut is they broadcast it live. What's the point? It's a compilation of tapes from the previous week, so who cares if Gretle is in the studio when it air, or a week before.

Overall I think this could be the death of BB. The new chief-executive of channel Ten needs to demand the show be overhauled to provide some semblance of entertainment, rather than the excruciating 39 hours of TV a week Ten is currently wasting.

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