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Friday, December 17

Much Owed.

Tis the season. No, I'm not talking about anything relating to snow or old obese men. The musical movie is having its renaissance. We've had Evita, Moulin Rouge, and Chicago to top the headlines. Out soon is The Phantom of the Opera.

While writing my Christmas with the Kranks post I discover that Rent is going to be adapted for film. A good thing as it's a hugely popular musical. I've not seen it, but the score is quite good.

Looking back at the Harry Potter movie series. Compare the first three movies. Disregard your thoughts on the cast or, as hard as it is to do, the screenplay and recall the direction. Which film stands out as interesting and unique, visually interesting and stylised.

Now guess which director you would want for the movie adaptation of Rent.

Nope. Wrong one.

Chris Columbus is directing, adapting the libretto, and producing it.

Is it condemned already?

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Blogger Violet said...

I can't wait to see Team America

17/12/04 6:45 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

I didn't know that Team America was a musical until recently. I'm not really a big fan of Matt Stone and Trey Parker. I don't mind the odd ep of South Park, and Orgasmo is an excellent comedy, but I've not seen anything else

I think I'll wait till it's on DVD.

17/12/04 11:16 pm


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