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Sunday, December 12

Introducing Carol

Last night was our annual Carols By Candlelight. It's a huge event and I was on staff like normal. The weather at the moment is unpredictable, thus making the production of a large scale outdoor event fun as ever. It rained for the first couple of days last week, and we put off production a day. It showered near the end of the rehearsal and was a rain free show.

The problem being the humidity was near saturation point. I can not recall ever sweating so much. Our comperes were very uncomfortable in their formal outfits, but they were fantastic anyway. Dancers, singers, band members, and crew alike were sweltering under the lights and oppressive heat. But did it stop us from singing along to the carols? Never.

I am always amazed at some of the local talent we find for this show. There were a number of new faces this year, and all of them younger than I. The voices that come out of these people always make me whisper 'bastard' under my breath before joining in singing from side of stage.

An enjoyable show that was our shortest yet. It successfully put me in the Christmas spirit rather than destroying it as it sometimes can.

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