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Monday, December 13

The Real Face Of...


I've seen a lot of Santas in my time on this bizarre planet. The usual shopping centre types, ones who appear on TV for special events, and those in movies and TV shows. I have also worked with quite a few as well. So, I know what Santa really looks like.

For nearly 10 years my uncle was the Santa at Carols. I can honestly say that I'm related to Santa.

This year our Santa was supplied by a local shopping centre. What this means is I won't be able to ignore him like I have done to every Santa for the past few years (except that one in Myer in Brisbane who caught us at the top of an escalator). I know what he looks like under all that white hair and red material and my conscience won't let me pass buy and not say hi if he's not busy.

Darn conscience.

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