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Wednesday, June 29

A Jolly Old Waste Of Time

Yep. It was fun, but rather pointless. James Marsters and Anthony Stewart Head's interview on RoveLive was directionless as usual. Ok, so it was good to see those two together having a laugh and telling the odd story.

James didn't really appear to appreciate being asked about touring with his band. Surely the researchers should have been able to find out they split up a while ago, thus allowing Rove one less moment of looking stupid.

Tony told a couple of amusing stories about being on Little Britain, then got cut off mid-sentence by Rove who abruptly ended the interview.

2 viewers interjected with:

Blogger MuzeKez said...

The most interesting part of the interview, I thought, was when James admitted he's *still* on the nicotine patches. ;)

1/7/05 9:57 am

Blogger Casyn said...

Ya. That was rather surprising! And subtly blaming 'family' issues.

4/7/05 1:21 am


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