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Tuesday, June 28

Enough With The False Drama

I can understand the media circus surrounding Douglas Woods' kidnapping in Iraq. It's a big deal. I'm sure it's something that's going to have an affect on the rest of his life. My issue with the whole thing is the lacklustre interview that Ten reportedly paid him nearly half a million dollars for. Such a big deal was made of the 'world exclusive' that you would expect some shocking details to be revealed.

As he said virtually nothing at any media event upon his arrival back in Australia, it wouldn't be a huge leap to believe it was too horrible to keep recollecting that time for every reporter who shoved a mic in his face. So in a poor attempt at sensationalist journalism Sandra Sulley sat face to face and basically asked questions that appear to have been submitted by primary school students.

As much as I hate to say it, at least 60 Minutes would have gotten down to the nitty-gritty and given him a good drilling, even if it was to prove how smart they are. Even though I can't stand Ray Martin or any of the regular 60 Minutes staff at least they can get an interviewee too speak.

Mediawatch tonight also pointed out that Woods' agents also have dibs on the interview if it is on-sold to international media. I hope he uses the money to rebuild his life, and seeing as though he actually lives in America it was nice of him to return to Australia for the pay check.

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