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Thursday, June 30

Get Probed

Tuesday July 5 sees the commencement of Taken on Australian TV. Nine have been running a 'coming soon' campaign for about a month now, and last week finally revealed when.

Taken is unlike any other mini-series I've seen. It's 10 two hour episodes, with each ep covering a few years in the characters lives. It begins in the 1940s and that's where the first ep, Beyond The Sky, brings us into the story.

Each Taken ep is directed by a different director much like a regular TV series than a typical mini-series, and the styles of each director really contrast the eras the show covers. The level of detail is quite amazing. Not just in costuming, props and set, but also the lighting and camera moves all enhanced the look and feel of each of the periods.

Throughout the series you'll also be able to play 'spot the Buffy/Angel' actor.

I admit that when watching the entire series on DVD over a two week period it did take me a couple of eps to warm up to the story. The first few eps are worth watching because there is so much information that you accumulate the really enhance the last half of the series. My brother only saw the last few eps of our marathon, and even though he enjoyed, he didn't have the connection with the characters that I'd built up over the other eps.

It's dramatic, fun, scary and pretty much everything else you could feel over it's twenty hour span. There's characters you'll like and one's that you just want to punch.

It's about aliens, but it is really about the effect it has on people.

2 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I really did mean to watch "Taken" but somehow it never happened for me. So I must get around to seeing it on DVD. I seem to recall that Mark Kermode (who over here is loved and loathed in almost equal measure both inside and outside of the sci-fi/horror fanbase) was pretty scathing calling it:

"a stinker of intergalatic proportions"

Ouch. I remain positive though, and if I get chance will try and get around to watching it one of these days!

30/6/05 7:05 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

None of them seemed to enjoy it. I can understand their perspective as well. The show is very properganderish for the American 'way' and some of the plots grate.

I enjoyed it for the lifetime of stories. There is only one character who is in every ep, and generational stories are so rarely produced in any form of film.

4/7/05 1:19 am


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