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Saturday, July 30

Daaah Dum. Daaah Dum. Da Dum Da Dum Da Dum.

Seven is having a theme night this Sunday night. Somehow they've snaffled the broadcasting rights of the Mythbusters from SBS for the two part special on Shark Myths. These guys are always entertaining, and are totally prepared to go all the way to disprove an urban myth. The most gruesome I've seen would have to be when they were trying to bust the myth that you can be decapitated by jumping up or into a ceiling fan.

Watching these guys tackle the Jaws myths should be an interesting show.

Immediately followed by the big fish itself.


9pm on Seven.

I've never actually watched more than a few minutes of this film. So I think it's time that I initiated myself into this world of scary ocean. As if I'm not already not afraid of going in the water!

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