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Wednesday, April 27

Trailer Park

I've finally gotten off my butt and found my login details for the Browncoats, and got the link for the Serenity trailer. It looks fantastic! Well worth patiently downloading. Strangely it's not yet linked to from the Serenity official website.

If you want to download the trailer click this link. This is the smallest version, as I've a very slow connection, I can find the other links on request.

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Blogger onanymous said...

Thanks for the link. It looks amazing and now I am even more impatient to see the movie.

On another note, are you still watching 'Lost'? I recently watched 5 episodes in a row, and now I'm even more intrigued.

29/4/05 7:56 pm

Blogger Violet said...

It looks really good, but I couldn't say Kaylee at all. I hope she's in there somewhere.

30/4/05 9:55 am

Blogger Casyn said...

September is such a long time to wait. To make it even worse, we won't get the film till mid November! Torture!

Kaylee and Book are absent from this trailer. They are in the film, so maybe they are saving them for a later trailer.

I will post another message from Joss I received.

I am still watching Lost. I fell a little behind while I was working, so had to resort to 'other means' to catch up. We have just had the ep where Charlie and Claire were being kidnapped by Ethan. It has continued its level of intrigue quite well. There have been some great twists of character. The best one by far is the revelation of Locke's at the end of the fourth ep. I like the creepiness, but it could be a bit scarier more often.

1/5/05 12:14 am


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